Online Application Guide


1. Intake for international students is only for TAR UMT Kuala Lumpur Main Campus, Penang Branch and Sabah Branch.

2. Application deadline for admission is 2 months before the respective programme commencement date. Only complete application received before the stipulated deadline will be processed for the intake applied. Any late application or application with incomplete documents will be processed for the next available intake.

General Entry Requirements

Bachelor Degree
A Level with minimum 2 Grade D or other equivalent qualifications recognised by the Malaysian Government*.

O Level/IGCSE with minimum 3 Grade C(c) in the relevant subjects or other equivalent qualifications recognised by the Malaysian Government*.

O Level/IGCSE/equivalent qualifications recognized by the Malaysian Government* with minimum 5 Grade C(c), which must include English Language and specific subjects required by the Bachelor Degree that would be progress to thereafter.

*To view/download the list of foreign qualifications recognised by the Malaysian Government, please log on to or click here


i. To be considered into a programme of study, applicants must possess the minimum entry requirements and meet the conditions of entry for the programmes.

ii. The entry requirements must be taken from only ONE (1) examination sitting.

iii. Meeting the minimum entry requirements does not necessarily guarantee a place of admission. Admission to the University would depend on the applicant’s academic standing, programme selection and competition amongst applicants. Selection for admission to any programme/campus is at the sole discretion of the University.

iv. Certain programmes may require applicants to have a minimum CGPA, higher English language proficiency requirements, undergo a Qualifying Test, submission of portfolio and/or an interview.

v. Applicants must not have been involved in any disciplinary cases. Ex-students who were required to leave the programme due to disciplinary action may NOT be re-admitted into the University.

English Language Requirements

International students must meet any one of the following English Language tests recognised by TAR UMT as meeting the English Language requirement before they are accepted for admission to any of the TAR UMT programmes. 


1.  Test results must be less than TWO years old.
2.  Some programmes may require higher English Language requirement, as per MQA programme standard/ professonal bodies.

Exemption from English Language Proficiency Requirement

Applicants from the countries where the native/first language is English or where English is an official language may be exempted from the above stated TAR UMT English Language requirements.